At Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Company Ltd. we take pride in the food and service we offer. Choose from over ten signature sandwiches that offer fresh baked bread and delicious fillings. We bake the bread and make the sandwiches the day of the event so you can be assured that the food you receive is fresh and wholesome. Everyone will find items that appeal to them as we offer vegetable and fruit platters along with sandwiches that are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

What You Can Expect From Us

Each platter will come decoratively garnished for the event and will be dropped off at the time you specified. We will leave napkin and disposable plates for the appropriate number of guests. Please let us know if you wish to incorporate any special napkins and plates for your event.

We also have a variety of hot and cold drinks which would satisfy your catering event. Speak to us concerning any drink request you may have and we would be happy to supply your needs.

Our goal is to cater your event and in the process make it a delicious and stress-free affair which will leave all of your guests happy.

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Step 1: Provide Your Order Details

We kindly ask for 24 hours notice for catering orders that are being delivered.

Step 2: Select Your Sandwich Platter(s)

Please use the following as a guideline. We will gladly do a platter for a number of people not listed and adjust the price accordingly.

Choose up to three (3) kinds of sandwiches from the list below.

Choose up to five (5) kinds of sandwiches from the list below.

Choose up to eight (8) kinds of sandwiches from the list below.

Select From The Following Options

Enter the desired number in each box below, up to the amount available based on your sandwich platter selections above.

† Vegetarian Sandwich.
‡ Vegan Friendly. Please notify us of your wish and we can easily substitute the listed bread for our very own vegan friendly bread.

Step 3: Select Any Additional Platters

Please let us know what you would like to see on your platter. We will try our best to accommodate your tastes and desires. We promise to fulfill any request with fresh and top quality ingredients.

Vegetable Platters
Seasonal vegetables served with dipping sauces.

Cheese Platters
Variety of cheese with seasonal fruit and assorted crackers.

Fresh Fruit Platter
A seasonal and exotic mix of fruits.

Dessert Platters
A variety of squares, cookies and tarts.

Breakfast Platters
A variety of muffins, fresh fruit and bread with cream cheese.

Special Instructions

Please inform us of any custom selections, dietary restrictions, allergies or if any of your selected sandwiches should be half sandwiches.

Note: Delivery charges may apply for orders where the delivery address is more than 10km from our location(s).

Please leave this field empty.

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